Smiss Ltd announced the release of Iterius time tracker

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Smiss Ltd announced the release of Iterius time tracker - an easy to use online tool for tracking time spent on projects and tasks.

6 December 2017

The application allows team members to track their working time, access statistics and adjust their working schedule through built-in report system. In their turn, managers can add users to their teams, create and manage tasks, vacations, days off, access statistics for each user, generate custom reports, create news. One of the special features is bug tracking integration.

In order to give more flexibility the mobile application is available as an addition to the online version. The user interface of Iterius mobile application is easy as one-two-three. It allows users to switch from one task to another with a single touch and track time with minimal effort.

“Iterius is a great tool for small and medium teams, who do not need millions of additional features, but just a simple application for tracking time and getting statistics”, said Yevgen Malafeyev, CEO of Smiss Ltd. “It is most suitable for development teams, but I hope that other companies would also appreciate it.”

Iterius is available online at and as a mobile application at Google Play Store and App Store.